About the competition

MAGICAL CHILDHOOD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS is dedicated to family and children photography. It is an international photo competition for those who want to share their photos devoted to the childhood theme. It is important to encourage ourselves to be creative and to save the best memories of childhood in the frames for new generations.

It was created to connect photographers all around the world to check and verify skills and ideas while learning how people react to your photos. That’s why in MCPA You will get short feedback on Your photos if they do not pass to the second stage of competition. To help You understand Your mistakes, learn and grow with us. Those who will pass first verification will be published on our Instagram account and this way we will promote Your work on our social media. Photos from the second stage of the competition will be voted by the JURY. The best ones will be awarded with the badges and publication in MCPA online Magazine.

Starting in January 2023 we will be issuing an online Magazine of Magical Childhood Photography Awards where all winning photos plus 20 more – selected on our facebook fanpage will be published.

Remember, don’t hesitate to try. You can only gain self esteem and promotion for Your photography with us!


MCPA created the program of accreditation to appreciate and announce the MASTER level photography work with public recognition in the children and family field of photography.