Rules of Accreditation

Master of Children & Family Photography

MCPA created the program of accreditation to appreciate and announce the MASTER level photography work with public recognition in the children and family field of photography. It starts from 1.03.2023

There are two levels:

25 points + 3 second places in MCPA
Professional Level

50 points + 5 first places in MCPA
Master Accreditation
(certificate, trophy and place in our MASTER list)

How to collect points?

Submit Your photos to MCPA on our website or MCPA Magazine on FB fanpage.
Your winning photos will get points.

The MCPA Masters Accreditation points will continue to accumulate for each round of awards. It won’t expire. When You reach and deserve MASTER level You will get a certificate and a trophy of Your new title. On our website we will create an official prestigious list of Accredited Photographers with a link to their websites.



To join the Accreditation Programme, collect all MCPA awards and magazine publications in one place on your computer.


Send us the photos when you have accumulated enough points.
25 points for a Proffesional
50 points for a Master
(It is important that these photos have a badge from an award or a badge from a magazine).


We will convert them into points.


We will add you to the prestigious list of MCPA Masters of Child and Family Photography.


You can order a certificate of achievement and a trophy if you become a Master.

Please remember that the photos for accreditation cannot be older than February 2023, because we opened the program on March 1, 2023