Marta Losiewicz

Marta Losiewicz is a professional, fine art photographer covering Costa del Sol in Spain, South of Poland and Gibraltar. Photography has been with her for whole life. She got her first camera when she was 7. Together with music and painting it allowed her to express herself. She finished the Photography Academy in Krakow, where she started her professional career with cameras. She also finished postgraduate studies in the Academy of Art in Łódź in Poland, where she perfected her artistic skills. She specializes in children photography. She is very successful in this field. Her work was published in many magazines and won many different awards.

Katrin Biendl

Katrin Biendl is a professional photographer, located in Germany. Her passion for children, nature and animals is her source of inspiration to capture valuable memories and to freeze unique moments for eternity. She’s an autodidact and learnt everything about photography by herself and developed her own and very specific style.

When Katrin started taking photos in 2012, she focused on breathtaking landscapes and the little wonders of nature, caused by her passion for traveling and discovering foreign countries. Encouraged by the request of Travel-Guide “Marco Polo” to publish some of her photos in several Guides, she started focusing more and more on Children and Maternity Art Photography the last 8 years.

Here a few Awards in this categories:

  • AFNS Award (Gold) – categorie “Sitter Photography”
  • AFNS Prime Contest (Silver)
  • Outstanding Maternity Award
  • Award of merit for excellent Photography
  • Her work has also been published in World’s Top Photography Magazines.

Ela Pac

Ela is working as a professional photographer since 2016. She is originally from Poland, but her business is based in Willenhall north east UK and this is where she lives with her family.

Her main focus has always been Newborn and Baby photography, as she loves to work with small babies. With every passion based profession with time and dedication she expanded to other genres and she also offer Fine Art Maternity & Family portraiture. Open Air photography is her another creative space where she loves to work and where is extensively awarded and recognized.

Here are few Awards in this categories:

  • TOP 3 maternity photographer of the year 2021 by Legacy Awards
  • TOP 10 children photographer of the year 2021 by AFNS Prime Awards
  • WPE silver award 2021 in the family category
  • WPE silver award 2021 in the newborn category
  • WPE 3rd Place 2021 in the children category
  • And a lot of others.

Lisa Kingham

Lisa started photography over 25 years ago. She is from the South Coast of England, based in the beautiful New Forest. She started her professional career as a wedding photographer but soon learnt that her passion was in Child Photography. She now specializes in Child Fine art, working from either her beautiful barn conversion studio or the gorgeous landscapes of the National Park. She has won many awards and has been published in numerous magazines.

Whitney Minten

Whitney Minten is a Children’s Fine Art Portrait Artist out of Madison, Wisconsin, USA. She comes to us with degrees in biology, computer science and robotics. While at university and as part of several robotics startups, she wrote code to control robots and their various sensors, including cameras. She also trained experts on how to use these robots in a variety of settings, from search and rescue workers operating in a disaster, to NASA astronauts training on the seafloor. She worked for several years at an optical spectrometer company where she programmed spectrometers and learned the physics behind light and color at their most fundamental levels. Later, she taught Photoshop and graphic design as an adjunct professor. Yet, it wasn’t until after she became a mom that she picked up a camera for the purpose of creating art. With the very first click, she knew she had found her calling. This unconventional career path allows Whitney to bring to bear a diverse technical background that promises a unique depth to her work.

As a photographer, she has been published in several photography magazines (Child Couture, This Magazine, Fotoluby, Forager Magazine, Summerana, International Kid Model Magazine) winning awards, including six silver merits from The Portrait Masters which included a category winner for the Creative Category. She is in the process of becoming a Certified Professional Photographer by PPA (Professional Photographers of America), which is expected in January 2023. She created The Science of Photography tech content section for a leading photographer. Currently, she designs and photographs backdrops for Intuition Backgrounds.

Osher Eden Pashinsky

Osher Eden Pashinsky is a professional photographer in the State of Israel. She is a Children’s Fine Art Artist. She finds herself very attracted to this style, the old accessories, old clothing and its texture and the smells of the past attract her and evoke a pleasant nostalgia in her. She is happy and grateful for the privilege to practice and make a living from her favorite thing, artphoto.

Today she has expanded her business and enjoys passing on her knowledge and teaching photographers at the beginning of their journey and being their mentor. She teaches individual and group photography workshops.

Osher Eden Pashinsky is an international award-winning photographer. Her photos were published in various magazines Here are some awards she won in recent years:

  • She wins First Place in the BABYPHOTOAWARD competition for 2022.
  • Winner 35AWARDS 2022-TOP35 children photographers.
  • In the last two years 2022-2023 Osher is at the top of the list of leading photographers in the WPE competition (TOP100).